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13 May 2020 13:30-15:00

You're invited to the next Share, Mingle & Inspire meetup - digital edition

- Do gender equality and diversity bring better innovations? -

One size fits all is seldom true in innovation and complex challenge areas. Join us on May 13th for the next 'Share, Mingle and Inspire'! This time we go digital. Listen to five speakers sharing their story on the subject of if, and how gender equality and diversity plays a part in creating better innovations. And if so, why, and better for whom?

Presentation format - ‘Five by five’

You might have heard about the PechaKucha presentation format. At ‘Share, Mingle and Inspire‘ we use a similar, speedy and efficient presentation format - five by five.

Every presenter will get five minutes and five slides to share their story and spark your interest. After the presentations there is time for questions, mingle and networking with speakers and attendees. The speakers represent different perspectives and sectors such as public, private, non-profit and research.

Openlab and Open Innovation

Openlab is a creative space that brings people together to find innovative solutions to challenges we face as a society. Our event series ‘Share, Mingle and Inspire’ is centred around open innovation and will give guidelines how to share. Openlab is in favour of open innovation because we believe business and innovation are going in that direction and that we are also forced by societal and technological change to do so. 

So, why not start with attending ‘Share Mingle and Inspire’ and be part of the movement and the Openlab community. You will get surprised how many people will support and share their experience with you and how it will profit your own goals.

Join us here! 

Is this your area of expertise or do you want to share your story of success or failure? Please send an email to if you want to be one of the presenters and we might find a spot for you!
We strive for a mix of speakers from different sectors, backgrounds and perspectives.

Share, Mingle & Inspire!

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All you need to know

Channel: Zoom
Link to the event in Zoom will sent to you after registration. 

Time: 13.30-15.00

The format is structured to allow interaction and participation by audience members. We encourage you to be active in the interactive parts of the event.

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Mathilda Hult
Radicle, Fika For Change

Innovation through collaboration

Why trust, curiousity and learning are key factors when building a strong innovation culture.

Mathilda Hult

Mathilda Hult is co-founder Radicle and the creator of Fika for Change. Radicle is a company that focuses on innovation and change journeys through collaboration.

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Elise Perrault
Future Place Leadership

Women In Tech

Elise's talk focuses on Women in Tech, a white paper highlighting inspiring and innovative initiatives worldwide to challenge existing biases and offer more opportunities in tech to women.

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Vipijan Visuvalingam
The Good Talents' network

The Good Talents' leadership programme and overlooked talents in the suburbs

Vipijan will share his story of being a 19 years old participant in The Good Talents' leadership programme. He will also talk about how The Good Talents work to make visible overlooked talent in suburbs and to encourage and empower innovations from young, local changemakers. At The Good Talents we know that talent is everywhere and we believe that those who face the challenges in our society are the ones who are best suited to solve them. 

Vipijan Visuvalingam

Vipijan Visuvalingam is 21 years old and from Botkyrka - born and raised. He applied to The Good Talents leadership program 2017/2018 by pure chance, as he expresses it, and soon got to feel much at home in the context and with the people he got to know - people who were more like him than what I had experienced in school. This fueled him and gave a lot more energy."With a better self confidence after finishing the programme, and after winning second prize for mine, and my partners' innovation regarding students motivation in school, it was time for my big dream and I went abroad to study." Vipijan explains. 

"Two years have passed since and I now have a broader network, more drive and an education and I’m ready to take on new challenges to grow as a person. My goal is simply to be happy as I grow, which I think is only possible if you really enjoy what you do."

The Good Talents

The Good Talents identifies and strengthens young talents whose capacity is overlooked in society today, through programs in leadership and social entrepreneurship in areas with large unleashed potential. The youth develop ideas that solves local challenges and skills valued at the labor market. 

The Good Talents also work with the private and public sector, creating and facilitating workshops and encounters between groups that usually do not meet. Our activities bridge the gap between young talents in vulnerable communities and the labor market.Our goal is for all youth to have the same possibilities to fulfill their dreams, regardless of where they come from or where they grow up. 

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Ariane Bucquet Pousette
Invest Stockholm

Startups, Equality and Covid-19

Ariane's talk focuses on female-founded startups and the initiative A Woman's Place as well as actions for supporting startups in the corona pandemic.

Ariane Bucquet Pousette

As Project Manager Startups at Invest Stockholm, the official investment promotion agency of the city of Stockholm, Ariane Bucquet Pousette works very closely, both strategically and operatively, with the city’s vibrant tech ecosystem and start-up scene. Prior to joining Invest Stockholm, Ariane held executive positions in business development, sales and public relations at larger US companies including EMI Music Publishing, Thomson and PR Newswire. No longer active in politics today, Ariane was an elected politician on Stockholm City Council between 2006 and 2013. A mother of three and an entrepreneur at heart, Ariane also runs home decoration company Dandeliane, distribution home decoration products she designs in her spare time.

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Annie Lindmark
Vinnova and W.empowerment

Why gender equality and inclusion will make your business more profitable

Annie Lindmark

Annie Lindmark is working with innovation related questions and funding of innovative projects within companies and research at Sweden’s innovation agency Vinnova. Her main expert areas are around innovative SME:s, Open innovation & Social innovation. She is a Steering Committee Member for Hack for Sweden, a government mission raised to increase the awareness and use of open data. Annie is also the founder of the female network W.Empowerment that aims to promote self-leadership and entrepreneurship and supports many other initiatives that wants to encourage more women in to entrepreneurship and innovation.

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Nikki Schmidt
Simply Draw It Big

Visual Facilitation

Nikki will capture the talks and discussions using live scibing: drawing live to make sense of words and themes, turning them into visual landscapes.

Nikki Schmidt

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